About the Children We Serve

The Heart of Romania's Children Foundation brings hope and help to the homeless, hungry, and abandoned children of Romania.

Thirteen years after the collapse of the communist regime in Romania and the execution of President Nicolae Ceausescu, thousands of children remain in desperate need of the bare necessities of life. The collapse of Communism led to overwhelming problems, such as abandoned and/or abused children, who are literally living on the streets. Elsewhere, war, disease, and poverty have exacerbated this growing problem.

Orphanages are filled with children, from newborn babies to teenagers. Such children suffer from poor nutrition. In addition to lack of proper food and shelter, these children are deprived of love, nurturing, and attention, elements so vital to their development and the possibility of a future. There are in excess of 22.000 homeless children throughout the country of Romania. Poverty has become so widespread and common in Romania that the number of homeless children is escalating rapidly. Amidst the shadows in the dimly-lit squares of Bucharest’s principal railway station, Gara de Nord (Northern Station), you can see many street children, abandoned, neglected, without food, shelter or adequate clothing. By daylight, these children are routinely seen begging in the street. By midnight, when the last of the commuters has hurried home, the street children lay their heads down on the cold stones of the Northern Station. In their dark underworld, these children huddle against the sewer pipes for warmth, in hopes of sleep from their exhausting days. As they lie in the dark sewers they call home, they do so amid the stench and the rats that inhabit them. To stay alive, the children beg or steal.

Non-governmental organizations are trying to solve these problems, but the number of children continues to grow. These children didn’t choose to live in the street, survive in underground tunnels or sleep in the parks. They are simply hungry, with no place to go, and no one to love and care for them.

The majority of the clinics and hospitals in Romania, especially those in smaller cities, lack the necessary medical equipment to offer a safe and efficient health service.

Also, as all medical care has to be paid for, the orphan children are the last to receive medical attention due to the limited resources available to the hospitals and health clinics. During my visit in Romania, the medical staff asked me if there was a way in which the Heart of Romania’s Children Foundation might be able to assist in meeting their needs. As a result of these discussions, I have determined to help both the clinic and the orphanage in Domnesti (a small village not far from Bucharest) with provisions of medical supplies and equipment.

It is the Heart of Romania Children's Foundation's intent to secure a future for these children. This future is contingent upon necessary provisions such as diligent medical care, proper nutrition and shelter, and appropriate academics. Items such as these are fundamental to the success of these children in making the transition from youth to adulthood. It is our ultimate goal to effectively nurture these children into successful adults, capable of providing a positive contribution to future Romanian society. We sincerely appreciate your interest and are respectful of any donations you may provide.

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