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The spirit has dried out
by the lack of compassion.
The original source dried out
for being abandoned.

The tree is withering,
Roots are breaking,
History is ending,
Culture is dying,
and Identity is disappearing.

O, future generation,
you will take no roots!
The stream will roll you
Here and there,
Over and over.

Like a tree without roots,
you, children of tomorrow,
the waves will roll you
Here and there!


By Ray Feliciano

Did you forget so soon?
You are all my children,
Each and every one of you
My Grandest Grandchildren,

Seeds that beget Life,
That begets seeds again,
Magical little flowers
that play in my Garden,

A Dance of Fairies
singing in the wind,
weaving their spells
as they learn to fly.

I have not forsaken you.
I have not turned away
as no father could ever
Abandon his children
or fail to forgive them.

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