How You Can Help the Children

By helping with fundraising and volunteer opportunities in Sanford, Florida or overseas, you can help the children of Romania.

With the orphan population growing in epidemic proportion, there is an enormous, immediate need for orphan care around the world. We are asking you to make donations to the needy children, and together, we can make a life-changing difference in the lives of precious children.

Organizing and planning these activities is a lengthy process. Your decision today makes it possible for us to know how we can respond to emergency crisis. Please pray and tell your friends about this project. Heart of Romania's Children needs your prayers and support.

If you're considering volunteering to serve in another country, this is a wonderful opportunity that will be personally rewarding. If you are in the transporting industry and can help us to transport goods to Romania, we would like to hear from you also.


Donating Equipment and Supplies

Your one-time donation of needed equipment could make a huge difference to the children that we serve.

We are actively soliciting donations of appropriate rehabilitation equipment. This is an excellent opportunity for companies or organizations to serve a very rewarding cause.

The Heart of Romania has a very great need for a pickup truck, which would be used every day to distribute food and supplies to struggling orphanages, for programs, for transporting children & volunteers, for providing medical care, and much more.

We are doing so much good work, and it is very difficult for our team without a vehicle. A pickup truck would leverage people's valuable time, help them to be more effective, and enable many more good things to happen. It is a constant prayer request.

The price would include a diesel truck with a special canopy and bench seats in back for moving children and teams, and a year's fuel.


Contributing money and basic supplies is the easiest way to help our cause.

Our efforts in the US are concentrated on raising funds and securing donations to enable us to continue our work. Helping others in need is one of the most significant things we do.

Please consider a contribution to the Heart of Romania's Children Foundation Inc.

100% percent of your donation goes to our efforts in Romania. We are a volunteer non-profit organization with almost no overhead expense. Our board members work without pay. Your contribution goes directly toward helping the children of Romania and giving the personnel of Romania the training they need to care for them.

Here are the types of product donations that we are seeking:

  • Annual contributions such as stocks, bonds and life insurance,
  • Food,
  • Clothing,
  • Toys,
  • School supplies,
  • Computer equipment,
  • Personal hygiene items,
  • Medicines,
  • Medical supplies and equipment,
  • Household items and other relief materials.

With your help, the orphans from the family-home you are involved in will receive:

  • Basic physical care,
  • A clean, safe shelter for residence,
  • Clothing, nutrition, and hygiene training,
  • Health care and medical attention,
  • A basic education,
  • Secondary education and vocational training,
  • Emotional development and care,
  • Moral instruction,
  • A trusting and loving relationship,
  • Supervision and discipline,
  • Community life,
  • A family-like environment,
  • Spiritual guidance.

With your love and support for these children, we can offer them a better life and hope for an improved future. We can help ensure that they may grow up happy, healthy, and with the knowledge and skills necessary to become contributing members of the global society.

Heart of Romania's Children has prospered thanks to many hours of volunteer work and generous donations from businesses, hospitals, churches and individuals.

By helping the Heart of Romania's Children Foundation, through education and feeding programs, we will help to improve the future of ROMANIA.

Will you share our hope for the better future of Romanian children? We would love to hear from you; please contact us anytime.

Donations of Goods and Monetary Donations can be sent to:

Heart of Romania's Children Foundation
118 Sycamore Ct.
Sanford, Florida 32771

Phone: 407-936-4523

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