Heart of Romania's Children Foundation

A children’s charity based in Sanford, Florida and devoted to orphans and neglected children in Romania

Heart of Romania's Children is a nonprofit charitable organization, whose purpose is to ease the life of desperate children left all alone in a world of need and in transition, and to help and take care of these hurt children with no future. Heart of Romania's Children is dedicated to meeting the extreme needs faced by neglected and abandoned children.

Heart of Romania’s Children Foundation Inc. is a small, locally-based charity, which is run totally by volunteers, inspired to help abandoned and orphaned children and to provide assistance for the disabled children or adults of Romania. The children who are abandoned by their parents are bound to live in impersonal state centers. Some of them don’t have the luck to be in such centers and they have a miserable life in the street, in deep poverty. When children turn 18 years of age, they must leave the orphanage, according to the local law, but since they have little or no education and nobody to turn to, they wander around aimlessly.

Since its founding in 2002, the organization's efforts have been directed towards the operation of a small, but rapidly expanding Christian orphanage. Heart of Romania’s Children works with the Romanian community to provide the proper care, guidance, education and skills for the maximum number of children possible. The care of street children and orphans is therefore among our primary services.

It is Heart of Romania’s Children Foundation's hope that these children will someday play an important role in improving the conditions in this country. Romania faces a high degree of poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, and unemployment, as well as environmental problems. The people of Romania have an enormous amount of endurance and dignity. Hope and a deep spiritual faith have helped them survive throughout the centuries as a nation, despite an eventful and rather tragic history. Indeed, they need and deserve love and protection.

The volunteer board of directors of the Heart of Romania’s Children Foundation works primarily as a “committee of the whole,” considering new strategies and initiatives as a group, with everyone contributing to the decisions about the direction to be taken. We are proud of what our people have accomplished and grateful for all that has been contributed.

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