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Capture Manager

In june 2011 my wife, briannie and i had the wonderful opportunity to do something that we will always be grateful for. during our vacation to romania, we prioritized a visit to the romanian orphanage sponsored by heart of romania children's foundation. leading up to the trip, briannie and i managed to raise over $500 from friends, family and co-workers in only two weeks!! in working closely with zamfira, we were able to successfully create "personalized care packages" for each of the 18 children at the orphanage. we used the remainder of the funds to purchase food and personal hygiene products for the children in romania. although the lead up in purchasing the items and creating the care packages was fun, the most exciting aspect of our trip was being blessed with the opportunity to hand each of the children their personalized care package. seeing the glow in their eyes, the appreciation in their smiles and the happiness in their laughter was priceless! thank you, heart of romania children's foundation for providing my wife and i with this incredible experience. we are already planning another trip to romania centered on further supporting the orphanage and heart of romania children's foundation! keep up the great work! George Burlacu - Orlando, Fl

president of orlando outreachers

heart of romania is an incredible organization helping many starved children in romania. i was truly blessed to work directly with zamfira to raise fund and awareness of the organization mission. zamfira also volunteered with our organization multiple times and provided much needed support. she has a great heart to help everyone in the community and i truly appreciate what she does! dan eshak - orlando

program director

in 2002, zamfira pauna created the heart of romania's children foundation to help children in need. her mission is to bring hope to underprivileged and deprived children. with one of her key purposes is to provide these children with physical, medical, and educational resources so they may live a productive life. zamfira has worked very hard to keep this foundation alive for over thirteen years and has earned the reputation of having a reliable and enthusiastic organization that has helped better the lives of hundreds of children. her accomplishments have reflected in her mission and vision. as an active member who has been involved in working on volunteer engagements with zamfira at heart of romania’s children foundation, we have certainly made a positive difference within the community. i will encourage everyone to join us in building a brighter future for children in need to become agents of hope. catherine bahrami - sanford


i have known zamfira pauna for over twelve years. we worked together for several years and developed a very good friendship. she is a genuine, loving, and kind human being who always gives 100% to any endeavor in which she is involved. we discussed her life growing up in romania often. she talked about the poverty and heartache that many of the children of romania endure, even those in the orphanages. she became determined to make their lives better and give them opportunities they normally would not have. that is why she started the "heart of romania children's foundation."" it is a true and unselfish work of love and a very worthy cause. Karen Caldwell - cocoa, fl


I think that zamfira it's an amazing altruistic person who put the base on an organization called Heart of Romania, witch trying to help a lots of kids from orphanage in this country. One of the most beautiful thinks for the heart is to see this little children, the smiles, the tears of their gratitude to receive food,clothing,school supplies and any kind of help. We take it for grated but for them, they live for that kindness to see what just that little bit of care and concern from our part can do for a person's life. Personal ,I think that there is no better expenditure of money that feeding a needy child and it's really important for this children to stay in school and learn. Heart of Romania is one of the best examples of organizations that do their work quietly and efficiently. someone said once: “when you loose your parents as a child,you,are indoctrinated into a club,you'retaken into life's severest confidence. you are undeceived." So lets help Heart of Romania raise kids who grow confidence ever day by giving them a chance for life. Dana Gombos - Romania

Director of Activities

From the very first day i was introduced to the president of heart of romania i knew this there was something special about this foundation. zamfira spoke with such passion and conviction of the children residing in that orphanage. i would see her canvasing with other workers for items of necessity or for monetary assistance or even invitation to gala benefiting her cause and the people would respond positively. i look forward for the opportunity to make an active contribution to such a worthy cause and hopefully, one day, would have the privilege of travelling to romania and meeting some of the blessed recipients of this worthy organization. may theses children find loving homes in the future and bless others as they are being blessed. Anne Hercules - Orlando, Fl

Director of Development

This heartwarming organization has a wonderful founder who makes sure that the children from her native country get the support and help that they need. everything she receives goes directly to the children. Julie Cole - Orlando Health and Rehabilitation Center

Business Office Manager

zamfira pauna's passion is the foundation which she founded. she is tireless in her pursuit of a better life for the children of romania. hearts of romania is truly a charity worthy of support and prayer. not only is this a fiscally responsible organization, it is led by a woman of superior character and love. those whom she serves are blessed by her dedication and hard work! Caryl Patterson - Orlando, Florida

Tj's promotions and event planning

Heart of romania founder zamfira pauna has an unwavering passion to raise awareness to the needs of the children in romania. there is not one day ms. pauna does not think about the needs of the children. if there should be one organization to support wholeheartedly, it would be heart of romaina. Tarralyn Jones - Oviedo, Fl

romania trip with my family

my life seemed to me to be useless lately. it seemed that all that i had done in my young life thus far had been without success. i had worked in churches and worked with people in ministry all of my life but no matter how i tried or how much i worked, it didn't seem that anything ever changed. i was without god’s love and power in my life, or so i thought. i had prayed every night that god would show himself to me and show me that he still worked in power in our world. then my father and sister went to romania on a mission trip in june with heart of romania. they came back with the joy of the lord flowing through them and a passion for god and the children in romania that was absolutely contagious. i felt like they had found the place where god was working and where he wanted me to work as well. i needed to go to romania. i wanted to find god so bad that i could not sleep. finally my dad and i went to romania in september, 2012. i can’t begin to explain how god met me but he did. and i will not be the same again. i will always be thankful that he answered my prayers. pamela - winter park

romania orphanege

my self and 4 friends decided to give a week of our lives helping children in orphanages in romania . we joined the charity organisation, horcf, and took the 13 hour flight to bucuresti. i was at the orphanage children home in domnesti. the chad for 5 days i lived and worked with 13 children, helped with homework, enjoyed playtime and took them to school. they were aged between 4 - 18 years old. we took gifts, clothes donated by friends, toys, colouring books, crayons, pavement chalks, stickers, modelling balloons, various learning books, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners. we made up games, handed out prized stickers if they did their homework. orphanage children are very intelligent orphanage children that deserve a helping hand in life. they work hard, pray hard and play hard. orphanage children all fight for your attention, but this orphanage children just need love and cuddles, some attention and help with study. you simply cant focus on one child, but when you watch, you realise, given a little help, some stand just a little more chance in setting and achieving a goal in life. the orphanage is clean, the water is hot and the children are happy, all you can ask for is a smile if you would like to live with a very hospitable host family and want to help children that are from poor backgrounds , this is the perfect place to give you a challenge whilst giving you an amazing insight into romania. i will cherish this experience and come back to visit in the coming years. thank you and kindest regards -helen, uk helen - uk

Romania visit to different organizations that help children

Recently, I took a trip to Romania to visit different organizations that help children. Having spent three years in Bucharest in the early 1990’s, I have always had a special place in my heart for the country and its children. My church was looking to identify organizations that we can partner with and through an Internet search, I found Heart of Romania. Before my trip, I had spoked with Pauna Zamfira from the organization. She insisted that while in Romania, I make my way out to an outlying community of Bucharest to visit a private orphanage called Casa Lidia. I had never met Pauna but I was moved to reserve a day to visit Casa Lidia because of her sincerity and love for this special place. Bucharest is a wild city with vicious traffic in the center that slowly abates as one enters its outer communities. Casa Lidia is located in Domnesti, about a half hour drive from the center of the city. My cab driver asked for directions once we were close and a few minutes later we were there. Once through the gate, I was introduced to Liviu Guias. Liviu grew up in an orphanage and started Casa Lidia seventeen years ago. Liviu is startlingly jovial. I say this because, most people you meet in Bucharest carry a tough exterior. They talk about politics, economy and even philosophy and history. They are upset about current conditions and scandals in the government. Liviu immediately struck me as a spiritual man that lives by a deep calling to serve these children. Because of this, he is very happy and has a wonderful energy that seems to permeate the entire property of Casa Lidia. We first toured the grounds where Livui has transformed this relatively small property into a farm with chickens, pigs, goats and every, herb and vegetable that naturally grows in Romania. He relies on water, earth and sunshine - go figure. He says he wants the best for his children and nature will supply the best for them. There is also a small fenced in sports field for activities and exercise. This is a private orphanage and does not receive money from the state. The food naturally grown on their small farm provides a portion of their food but this is merely a small part of their needs. For example, they wash clothes for twenty in one standard size washer. I also spoke with Livui concerning his heart to help cook for the homeless children still living in the sewer canals beneath Bucharest. He simply does not have the time or resources. I saw so many opportunities for service that my church hopes to help with in the future. By western standards, a tour of the orphanage would not impress. But, in the context of this very needy country, there is something very special here. There is love. This love is in people like Pauna and Livui and his family and extends to these children. They care. They sacrifice. My visit to Casa Lidia gave me inspiration. It inspired me because someone like Liviu took the poor circumstances of his life and turned it into something extraordinarily positive for others. It inspired me not to merely attempt to make lemonade from lemons but to change the world. I left, asking myself questions that would reorder my life and my priorities. My visit left me grateful and ready to do great things. Matt Casa Lidia - Orlando, FL

registered nurse

i am a nurse at advent health, and my first contact with this foundation was in the very beginning when the drive to help some of the not so fortunate children in romania started very enthusiastically. i have followed the success stories and watched the many positive transformations in these children's lives, that transpired over the many years. the relentless efforts and collaborations, the personal drive and commitment of all the members is to be commended and appreciated by all of us , for it could not better serve those most at need children. i fully support and appreciate the efforts heart of romania's children foundation to improve the lives of underprivileged children, to overcome some of the burdens of their lives and many other challenges. sonia v. - altamonte springs florida


zamfira pauna created the heart of romania’s children foundation to help abandoned and orphaned children in romania . she is the most dedicated person when is come to help orphaned children. zamfira’s goals have been always to improve, changing lives and bring hope to orphaned children. thank you for making a difference on this children lives. natalia - orlando


the dedication this charity has to the orphans in romania is second to none. when they are not traveling to romania to visit the children and deliver donated items, they are working tirelessly in the us to raise funds for these needy children. lives are being changed every day due to this charity and they are top notch. rebeca fierle - orlando


zamfira is one of the most dedicated people when it comes to helping orphans and generally people in need in her hometown in romania. a lot of people leave their hometown and forget about it, but zamfira through heart of romania’s children foundation has been on a mission to relieve some of the pains and problems that orphans and needy adults have in romania. everyone who ever met her knows that she carries these people on her thoughts on a daily basis. my family had the privilege to go and meet some of these orphans. we spent the day with these children and came away with a greater blessing than what we actually brought to them. my children were young at the time and witnessed what life was like for these children, who had very little, yet had more joy and appreciation for life than most of us. it was definitely an eye opener for all of us. i have to mention that the man who takes care of these children, was also orphaned at a young age himself and did not want of his establishment to be thought of as an orphanage, nor of the children as of orphans. all 18 children called him daddy! from what we witnessed this was not an orphanage, but a real big family. we were definitely blessed by our time there! thank you zamfira for not forgetting about your people and giving us the opportunity to witness the difference one person can make! annamaria pauna - sanford


i have assisted in different ways with heart of romania and have see in grow firsthand over the years changing countless lives of children, orphans and elderly alike. its impact has been noted, its ceo has always had a soft spot for children and always did her best to make a change, even if one child at a time, one orphanage at a time those changes have a ripple effect and add to a more sustainable, supported generation where as if there were no doners and charities these children would be forever lost. thank you for making a difference even in times of great hardship you find the power to make it happen! daniela burlacu danielaa burlacu - orlando

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