Our Foundation's Objectives

All of our fundraising and volunteer service goes directly to help the neglected children of Romania

Our main goal is raising funds and recruiting volunteers to provide education, training, medical equipment, and medical care in Romania. This will allow us to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children and for poor and elderly people. We want to help the children with disabilities and the ones neglected by the communist regime. We want to encourage children and youth with disabilities to achieve something in their life to the best of their abilities. Additionally, we want to ensure that the achievements of these persons are recognized by the society. We intend to promote quality education and to assist young people with disabilities in successfully making the transition from school age to adult life. We feel this will help them obtain employment and assist them in gaining independent living and better quality of life. We will try to raise the awareness of the general public to the value, worth, and abilities of children and youth with disabilities. We strive to help them obtain a high quality of life by removing barriers, improving education, and involving them in general social activities.

We will take action in order to provide what is necessary for those children who need education and training, and provide the means necessary for them to succeed.

What we have done so far

Although we have only been in existence since the summer of 2002, Heart of Romania Children Foundation Inc. has already raised money for a number of projects that have helped churches and schools in Romania, through generous monthly donations of sponsors in the U.S.


Our purpose is to link individuals, companies, and churches with organizations that assist children in need. Our hope is that by raising awareness of these children, we shall see more people get involved to help them. Heart of Romania Children Foundation Inc. is an organization that is committed to help all of God's children. We believe that helping one child does make a difference. In a very real sense, gifts to feed and warm the orphans are a true effort to achieve world peace. We think that these steps will play a role in instilling young people with character into the Romanian society, and into the world as well. Without intervention, the orphans and the lost children can only add instability to the Romanian society.

My Commitment

Our foundation plans to reach its objectives with support from volunteers who will provide the much-needed help for our many projects. As a chief goal, we will do our best to:

  • Inspire hope within Romanian youth,
  • Build awareness of the despair faced by children in Romania and around the world,
  • Share the message of the transforming power of Christ's love through the world
  • Provide resources that meet and sustain the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs of the children under our care.

We will strive to provide all that our children need to develop and become productive adults. This program will aid the disabled children and adults who will benefit from Heart of Romania's Children's medical rehabilitation care program, offering the possibility to attend educational or vocational programs and to achieve self-reliance at home and within the local community.

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